As part of the french deleguate, Micha and i, had the chance to assist to the G20 Young entrepreneur Summit in Toronto. The main goal of this event is to favorise the entrepreneurship in the word. We believe that entrepreneuship = Recovey = Jobs !

We met during this 2 days lots of incredible young entrepreuneurs. We thought it could be a great opportunites to interview some of them and ask 3 simple questions :
– What’s their business ?
– Why and how they decide to be an entrepreneur ?
– WHat do they exepect from the summit ?

Let’s travel from Canada to india, throw Italy to Japan !

Our first Episode start with Vincent from Canada. He is still a student but also an incredible young entrepreneur who created a script to have fun with pictures and had more than 2 millions downloads in less than a cople of months !

G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit – Episode 1 from Micha Benoliel on Vimeo.